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The Kiwi Health Detective. The Emotional Intelligence in Physical Symptoms.

Greetings! Kim here.

I love sharing information, strategies and tips which can transform pain and suffering into joy and health.



Apr 14, 2019

Why is self-awareness the key to healing? Find out in this episode.

What if...

  • The reason you are ill is because you are 'unaware' of something about yourself?

And what if...

  • The secret to healing was to become aware of what it is you are unaware of?!

What if?!

An eye-opening series on the cause (and solution) to illness.

In this episode we look at how self-awareness is one of the BIGGEST keys and secrets to healing.


Medical Disclaimer:

The information in this video series, and any information on this site, is for informational purposes only. Kim Knight Health does not diagnose, cure, heal or treat any illness or person. Please use your sound judgement and seek out whatever medical or natural health solutions you need to in order to help you.