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The Kiwi Health Detective. The Emotional Intelligence in Physical Symptoms.

Greetings! Kim here.

I love sharing information, strategies and tips which can transform pain and suffering into joy and health.



May 14, 2015

In this episode Katya Trent, founder of Health Coaches Kentucky, interviews Kim Knight on her 'Talk to a Doc' Show on the role emotions play in creating (and discreating) illness. 

As Kim explains, unless and until we discover the cause of a problem, we cannot implement strategies for a solution.

Katya and Kim also...

May 2, 2015

Why on our healing journey do we sometimes feel we are getting no-where, and what are the steps we can take to keep going when we feel desperate and feel it's too much to keep going?

In this episode health coach Kim Knight share 9 top tips for dealing with this dilemma, so that you can keep hope and faith on your...