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The Kiwi Health Detective. The Emotional Intelligence in Physical Symptoms.

Greetings! Kim here.

I love sharing information, strategies and tips which can transform pain and suffering into joy and health.



Feb 16, 2019

Our actions and behaviours are built up over a lifetime. Some are beneficial to our life and health, others not.

This video explores how unhealthy behavioural patterns which lead to unhappiness and dis-ease are created and dis-created.

(Excerpt from 'Emotional Empowerment' training).

Feb 8, 2019

Without knowing it you are programmed to respond emotionally in certain ways.

Emotional Alchemy is the art of becoming masterful of your emotional life until you no longer experience the ups and downs of negative emotions and life dramas.

www.emotionalalchemyacademy (video excerpt from level 3 'Emotional Empowerment'...

Feb 1, 2019

Difficult relationships keep us stuck, unhappy and even sick. In this episode we look at the toxic 'drama triangle' so you can see which role you play in unhealthy relating. We also look at:

  • The number one thing which keeps you trapped in difficult relationships
  • The 2 steps you must take to change this
  • The 7...